Prediksi Bola Germany Bundesliga 1 Mainz 05 vs Augsburg 11-02-2017

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Match : Germany Bundesliga 1 / Mainz 05 vs Augsburg

Mainz 05 : Big defeat at Hoffenheim ( L W D D L )
Mainz 05 last weekend suffered a great defeat. At TSG Hoffenheim, the team in the first half earned on arrears, but remained long struggle the team to a good result. The (small) chances but were not used, so faith slowly ebbed into a good result at Die Nullfünfer. In the closing stages of the match, Mainz no longer sharp, so the team of Martin Schmidt gave up an unnecessarily large 4-0 defeat. On the list, there is no reason to panic. Mainz 22 points played together and is six points above the relegation line. However, there will need to be caught again points – namely M05 did not win even in 2017. Nullfünfer which gained the majority of their points at home. Schmidt was referring here to the press conference on Thursday. “It feels good to be strong at home games. That’s something we can build on. ” The coach dropped further foist no relegation worries. “Our next goal is to get 30 points.” That will be an intermediate target – at the end of the ride you can certainly be relegated with 30 points

Augsburg : hard-fought victory ( D D L W W )
FC Augsburg played last round of play a memorable game. At home, the team had long been difficult against Werder Bremen. In a 1-2 behind in the second half, the final blow seemed a matter of time, were it not that Bremen did not have pulled the trigger. This left Augsburg chances of holding on to a result. Ja-Cheol Koo made the 2-2 after Raul Bobadilla in stoppage time detonated the stadium in Augsburg with the 3-2. That he was slightly offside, there crowed at Die Fuggerstädter no cock. The victory was very welcome in the fight against relegation. Despite good seasons in the past one lays at Augsburg in recent years, the bar is not too high; the prevention of degradation is usually the primary objective. With eight points ahead to the danger zone may be provisionally not really sit in stress in western Bavaria. At the same time should be noted that Augsburg with the current selection does not have enough in-house upstairs to look at the European places

After all, after two victories increased confidence in Augsburg. The team has to do Friday without key players Kohr and Koo. Mainz is home usually strong, but the real top form currently. However, the home team is the favorite. I think it will be more balanced. The draw and the dc at Augsburg are both nice options


Mainz 05 vs Augsburg

Pick : Over 2-2.5 Goals





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