Prediksi Bola Italy Seri A Crotone vs Juventus 09-02-2017

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Match : Italy Seri A Crotone vs Juventus

Crotone : Bad performance this season and almost no chances for survival ( L L D W L)
Crotone are 19th in the table with only 13 points or 9 behind the safe positions, so almost no chances to avoid relegation. Before a week had a really good game against Empoli, where won with 4-1, but only a couple of days after this big win they lost against Palermo with 0-1 in a derby of the bottom after awful performance in attack. Only 1 shot on goal for the whole game, also one of their key midfielders Crisetig was sent off after two yellow cards, so he will miss this game with Juventus. This was 15th lose this season in 22 games, which is an awful form. Also at home are not good enough after 3-2-5 balance and only Pescara and Palermo are with worst home record

Juventus : Important victory in the previous round ( W L W W W )
Juventus faced Inter in a really tough derby in the previous weekend. Inter was the team in best form right now after 7 consecutive victories in Serie A. But Juventus beat them with 1-0 after a great goal form Cuadrado and domination on the field with a lot of chances, which was missed from Dybala and Higuain, also Juve hit the crossbar twice, so Inter was lucky not to lose with more goals. So now Juventus are on top of the table with 6 points more than Napoli and 7 more than Roma, so great chances for new Serie A title. Their form in the new year is really good after 6 wins in 7 games from all competitions

After all, Crotone are awful this season after 15 loses from 22 games and will relegate for sure. Juventus are on top of the table with great chances for new title and great moment form after 6 wins in the past 7 games. Also Juve are with full squad available after all players are back from injuries and back from African Cup of Nations, so I expect an easy victory for the away side


Crotone vs Juventus

Pick : Juventus -1.5




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