Prediksi Bola Italy Seri A Napoli vs Genoa 11-02-2017

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Match : Italy Seri A Napoli vs Genoa

Napoli : With attractive football to the top ( W W W D W )
Napoli this season seems to be the opposite of a typical Italian team. Neapolitans score a storm and the hunger for goals seems not currently satisfy, even if the team is already sure sence of the points. Last week it was once again proven when Napoli went to visit Bologna. At halftime Napoli already led 1-4, but after tea, the visitors went merrily through which appeared a 1-7 final score on the board after 90 minutes of play. Dries Mertens and Marek Hamsik worked on trust by producing a hat-trick, making the formation of Maurizio Sarri with a wonderful sense traveled back to Naples. This Friday is as said the showdown with Genoa on the program and the fans will expect in advance that Napoli will turn this pot fairly easy profit. These are not figures Napoli lie. Only once was lost before a home crowd and no less than 28 time was scored in their own stadium. Sarri will moreover can not use the services of Jose Callejon. The Spanish striker was sent off last week, making him Friday will have to sit out a suspension. Elseid Hysaj will also have to shoot the match due to a suspension, but Napoli recently proved that it can deliver results without a few permanent employees

Genoa : drifting ship on way out? ( L L D D L )
Genoa was a long time for very decent in Serie A. The fans were convinced that their team could play for the places in the top half of the rankings, but the draft came in towards the end of 2016. End of November was surprisingly won 1-0 by Juventus and mid-December was narrowly won by Fiorentina, but after that it was finally over with the fun. Meanwhile Genoa no more seven times managed to win and the corresponding figures are anything but impressive. As the men gathered by Ivan Juric just two points in the last seven matches and sixteen goals were collected during that series. It may be also called as no surprise that the pressure to perform has appreciated significantly and that a victory is needed to satisfy the rank and file. To avoid defeat in Naples Genoa will really have to rise above themselves. Thus was won only twice away from home and was scored just ten times in eleven away games. Altogether statistics indicate that Genoa will need a miracle to Napoli really hurt. Moreover, there is another in which Juric will have to form its defense without Armando Izzo. Izzo, this season represents 22 basic sites, gathered last week his fifth yellow card of the season which he is suspended Friday

After all, Napoli is the big favorite to win this match, despite the two suspensions is clear. Napoli to win is of no value and even with Napoli -1 are referred to as the odds very low. I am of the opinion that Napoli actually pretty easy to win, but it does not have to be a monster score


Napoli vs Genoa

Pick : Napoli -1.5





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