Prediksi English Premier League Arsenal vs Leicester 12-08-2017

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Match : English Premier League / Arsenal vs Leicester

Arsenal : Great form from Super Cup ( D L W L D )
Arsenal can meet the game with reasonable confidence. Last Sunday, the Community Shield was won because Arsenal played 1-1 against Chelsea and then took the penalty shots. So the first prize of the season is a fact, but the fact is that it is the least prestigious prize you want to win as a club. Now everything has to be done, and both analysts and fans have different confidence in The Gunners opportunities. The preparation of Arsenal has therefore changed. A tour was made by Australia, winning 0-2 from Sydney and 1-3 from Western Sydney Wanderers. Then, Arsenal traveled to China, where training pots with Bayern Munich and Chelsea waited. The Germans were matched to a 1-1, but against Chelsea, Arsenal went well with 0-3. The Emirates Cup won the Emirates Cup. Arsenal practiced in that tournament against Benfica (5-2 win) and Sevilla (1-2 loss). It seems almost unthinkable that Arsenal will not strengthen itself in the coming period. The arrival of Lacazette and Kolasinac is very positive, but defending seems to be something to be done. Defenders like Holding and Mertesacker are okay as backup, but once someone like Koscielny is not there, the rinse becomes thin. However, Arsenal played his best matches last year when switching to a system with three central defenders, a formation that will probably be used again this season. With the 5-3-2 formation it dominated the FA Cup final against Chelsea

Leicester : Ready to archive a great season ( W D L L W )
Even at Leicester, they will not be able to wait until the season begins, but actually it would be better to start later. On Friday, Robert Huth and Danny Drinkwater will not be able to compete because they are injured. Riyad Mahrez seems to want to leave the club. So there are still plenty of things to be dealt with, and that’s not a business you’d like to trade in a running season. Unfortunately, that has to happen. The preparation of Leicester City was not one to write home about. The last training match was won by Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-1, but Leicester lost, among others, Burton Albion (2-1) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (1-0). Making goals has so far proved to be a problem for Leicester, who with Kelechi Iheanacho hopes to have a player in the ranks that can make the goals. Jamie Vardy has of course proved that too, but last year, at least, it was a matter of stopping his goal goal. Iheanacho has proven to be a goal at Manchester City and could just turn out to be a good win but he is a doubt to meet with Arsenal … Leicester does not make any nice memories of meeting with Arsenal and the selection is far from complete

After all, this game will have to be played on low stakes. Leicester does not like to play Arsenal and Arsenal miss in Koscielny and Sanchez major players, while there are serious doubts about the employability of Mesut Özil and Aaron Ramsey. However, Arsenal still has enough quality to win this match. However, opening matches have always been a problem for Arsenal and that could just be the case again. Given the defensive deficiencies on the side of Leicester, a Lacazette to score is worth a little guess, especially if Özil is fit enough to play. Lacazette has done a nice preparation and with the probable absence of Sánchez he is the one to make the goals


Arsenal vs Leicester

Pick : Arsenal -1






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